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Paperless Office & Document Management

buy Lyrica 75 mg online Tsiombe Increase productivity and lessen frustration by spending less time hunting for paper documents or searching for electronic documents when you can’t remember where they were saved.

Amancio Solid IT Solutions has helped many firms drastically reduce their paper use, and can develop a customized solution for your company, too.

The drive to go paperless goes beyond just “green” considerations. For many companies, especially file-intensive ones like law firms, which need to retain files for an extended period of time, the cost of increasing physical file storage is considerable.

Plus, intelligent electronic document management systems and electronic document imaging put information into searchable format, accessible to staff at the click of a mouse.

Case Study: Paperless Office

Recently, Solid IT Solutions was asked by a Vancouver-based law firm to develop a paperless solution. They were simply running out of room to store any more files in their expensive downtown office.

We installed high-speed desktop scanners for every employee at the company and implemented a document management system on their network.

Now, every piece correspondence that the firm receives is immediately scanned in to their document management system. Every employee also has a dedicated fax number and receives faxes directly to their computer as an electronic document.

Not only has the firm has enjoyed a more than 50% reduction in paper use, they’ve also saved thousands of dollars in additional lease costs for space.

Plus, their lawyers and staff save time and energy by being able to search and find documents in the system instantly, rather than sorting through endless folders and filing cabinets. Download the full Paperless Office Case Study!

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